Jo's Garde



Due to family illness I am fairly housebound and love healing bath salts.

I have been thinking of doing some kind of small hobby business for some time and turning 60 this year seemed to cement the idea.

My love of creative projects has passed on to my daughters who will be helping me produce new and exciting bath remedies.

In the coming months we will be adding to our range with the cold and flu season approaching. Echinacea, tea tree and eucalyptus foot soaks and bath remedies.

Calendula salt remedies for skin conditions (in our luxury milk bath, already).

Peppermint, ylang ylang, bergamot and others. Stay tuned.

Products available at

1/89 Regent St
New Lambton
NSW, Australia 2305


An Idea is Born

My son hurt his ankles in an accident and as a result suffers from sore feet and tight muscles. He could not pull his feet in an upward motion. I made him a ginger and kaffir lime leaf foot soak with Dead Sea Salt and after a 20 minute soak could move his feet and felt so relieved. I was already making bath remedies but he finds it hard to get in an out of the bath so foot soaks were the answer. Try one today.

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