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1/89 Regent St,
New Lambton, NSW, Australia 2305

Beautiful Rose Scented, Heart Shaped, Bath Bombs with Rose Petals or Rose Petals and Cornfllowers.

Round Rose Scented Bath Bombs with Rose Petals and Cornflowers or just Rose Petals. Avaiable after Wednesday next week.

Boutique Bath Salt Remedies

All Natural, Beautiful Hand Blended
No Cruelty to Animals
Gluten Free
Flowers, Herbs and Spices
German Epsom Salts not from China

New Products Coming Soon

Face Mists, Foot Soaks, Face & Body Scrubs, Face Toner Tabs, Bath Fizzes, Foot Fizzes and Aromatherapy Roll On Perfumes.

Salt baths and foot soaks

Replaces magnesium in the body
Promotes sleep
Reduces pain and swelling
Relaxes muscles
Only need 3 baths or foot soaks a week
Stress reduction
Helps with cramps and arthritis
No added chemicals or colourants

11 Signs of Magnesium Deficiency

1/ Headaches, Migraines
2/Poor cognitive processing (brain fog)
3/Constipation/Irritable bowel syndrome
4/Fatigue (physical, mental, emotional)
6/Muscle spasms and cramping
7/Chronic pain
9/Heart arrhythmias
10/Numbness and tingling
11/Mood and behavioural disorders